What It’s Like to Get Hit in Airsoft

What It’s Like to Get Hit in Airsoft

By on Mar 22, 2014 in My Experiences | 2 comments

Airsoft_Girl_dot_net_getting_hitThis is the one thing that I think keeps girls at bay from getting into airsoft. I know for me, I liked the idea of playing, but I dreaded the idea of being hit. Especially after we shot our pistols and saw how hard they hit, I dreaded it even more.

So, what Nick, Jeff (our friend) and I decided to do, was shoot each other just to get an idea of what it would feel like. We all put on thin jackets so that we would have a little protection, but not too much. Then the person that was to be shot would stand with their back to the shooter, about 60 feet away.

Nick went first, then Jeff, then myself.

It was not bad at all! I even had Nick move in closer because I knew in CQB I’d probably get shot at a much closer range. When he shot me even closer (30 feet), that did sting a little bit. It’s not so much painful, as it is annoying! It’s like, “Ow!” but then it just itches and in a matter of seconds you hardly feel it anymore.

Same thing when actually playing airsoft. Now, as I mentioned in my other article, when I was getting hit by the PolarStar (after a couple games and it being clearly turned up to shoot faster), that did fricken hurt. Most hits were similar to getting a really good towel whipping. But the PolarStar hits, again – after being turned up, were a bit more painful. A normal hit would “sting” for maybe 5-10 seconds. But the PolarStar hit’s would maybe be a good 30 seconds or more until the pain would subside.

So there you go, it’s honestly not bad at all. It startles you more than it actually hurts (I assume this will go away as I play more).

For more opinions than just mine on the matter, here’s a good article that tells what it’s like to get hit.


  1. Haha! I kinda felt the same way. But I wasn’t afraid of getting hit by a BB. Personally, I was more afraid of not owning the guys in airsoft…but I had nothing to worry about. I own them every time. Lol!

    Rebecca Schmidt

    December 4, 2014

  2. My wife told me the first game she was a little afraid but after the first hit she was good and started running around with no fear.


    April 15, 2015

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