Discovering Airsoft

Discovering Airsoft

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I had never heard of airsoft before. I had heard of laser tag, paintball but not airsoft.

It was just last year when, I was hanging out with friends at camp, that I found out airsoft existed. It was through a friend named Matt, who is the leader of Immortal Airsoft. He painted this awesome picture of being pretend soldiers, having sweet guns and shooting each other – but not dying. He is the commander of his army, and he was telling us about what he would have us do. I said, like every noob to airsoft says, that I wanted to be a sniper. So he told me of how my dream could come true. That I could get a sniper rifle, I’d hide out and snipe people. All of it just sounded like so much fun! But I figured it would never happen because I lived far away and chances of us ever getting together to do it would be one in a million.

Fast-forward to today, I was hanging out with my boyfriend, Nick, who was there at camp talking with Matt and I about airsoft, and his parents brought over some pellet guns they just bought. It was super fun shooting them and we considered getting some ourselves. As Nick thought about it more, he realized it would be way more fun to get into airsoft (remembering all the awesome stories that Matt had told) and not only would we get to shoot guns, we would get to shoot them at each other!.. yay?

I actually was super excited about the idea. I thought it would be sweet to have a gun that we didn’t have to worry about going to a range to shoot and if Nick ever messed with me I could shoot him. I was a little hesitant about the idea of playing in a game though. I know when I first heard about it, I was super pumped, but that’s because it just never seemed possible. Now that it was all the sudden seeming like it might happen, I suppose you could say I was starting to get cold feet. I was all for the idea of getting them to shoot at targets and stuff, I just wasn’t sure how I felt about getting shot. Either way though, I couldn’t help but be excited, I love new toys. - Ignite Airsoft Black Ops 1911 ScorpionSo Nick, being the super-obsessive guy he is, started researching to find out more about airsoft guns. He got in touch with Matt and would talk here and there about airsoft. Finally one day, Nick and I were out with friends and in the clearance section of Walmart there was a Co2 powered airsoft pistol and Nick decided to get it. So we picked up some Co2, BB’s and a target to shoot at and that was our first “real” airsoft gun. The gun we purchased was a Black Ops 1911 Scorpion by¬†Ignite Airsoft. It was pretty sweet. After we shot it a few times and realized how fun it was, that’s when the hunt for a real sweet airsoft gun began. So many nights staying up of just looking at different airsoft sites. We started having video chats with Matt to talk airsoft and what he would recommend. But most importantly, we just wanted to find a sweet gun. I really wanted a revolver. I’ve always thought they were cool. Nick wanted another sweet pistol. So together we searched and searched and it was on Evike we found what we were looking for.

Airsoft Girl - ASG Dan Wesson 6 inch ChromeFor me, we found an ASG Dan Wesson 6 inch Co2 6-shooter (revolver). It looked so awesome. At first I thought I wanted the black one, but decided on getting the chrome version. Along with the gun, we got two speed-loaders. I know it’s not a practical gun to play airsoft with, I wasn’t planning on it. I just wanted a sweet gun to have to shoot at home. And to satisfy my desire of owning a revolver.

Airsoft Girl - WE Sword Cutlass GBBNick, on the other hand, decided to get a WE M9 Phantom Sword Cutlass GBB (gas blow back). It’s a replica from the anime “Black Lagoon”. It’s pretty sweet. We both liked how unique it looked. So he got himself a few extra mags (magazines).

When our new pistols arrived it was like Christmas. My gun was way higher quality than I expected. I was so used to the cheap spring pistols and Walmart pistol, which by the way – I would never recommend getting an airsoft gun from Walmart, that I didn’t realize that real airsoft guns are super nice. Nick’s gun was also cooler in person. We instantly took the orange tips off. Mine unscrewed, but Nicks we actually had to put in boiling water to get it off.

So now we got a taste of what real airsoft guns were like and realized we wanted to get more into it. So much time was spent looking at what people are buying, what types of reviews things have and where we can get the best deals.

We then realized that if we were going to get into this, we would also need gear of some kind. So then it was a matter of what camo to get, or did we want to get all black stuff for CQB. This is what I hope to help you with. I want to help you with your research, answer your questions and hopefully help you get excited about the idea of playing airsoft.

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  1. Wow this is ridiculous!!!! It’s like I just read what I’ve been going thru with boyfriend lol we have a friend who started looking up this airsoft thing and now we are in the “research and what do we want to buy” part. so… HELP!!! I’ve seen a lot of guns that I like but I’m not sure if it the best! From the research we’ve done we figured that electric is best (I think) and i hear my boyfriend talking guns and i have no idea what he’s saying… i just wanna shoot something (or someone) we checked to see if they had any groups or teams where I live (Puerto Rico) and it seems Airsoft is bigger Herr than I thought. … so, please, if you have any advice share!!!! Thanks for sharing, Steph!


    March 9, 2015

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