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AEG -  Automatic Electric Gun "This is a battery-powered gun that uses electricity and gears to shoot BB's"
balaclava -  "Think of this as a ninja mask-looking thing"
CQB -  Close Quarters Battle "In airsoft, this usually means playing indoors or in a small area"
FPS -  Feet Per Second "How fast a BB comes out of a gun. The higher the number, the faster (and harder it hits)."
GBB -  Gas Blow Back. "This means that the gun uses gas (Co2 or Green Gas) and actually 'blows back' like a real gun when it shoots."
Loadout -  "This is the fancy term for outfit and gear"
- Synonyms: louadout
mags -  Magazines. "This is the thing you put into the gun that holds the BB's. Some people call them 'clips' but don't, you'll sound like a NOOB".
- Synonyms: mag, Mag
midcap -  Middle Capacity "This is a term for what size/type of magazine it is. Mid caps hold less than high caps."
- Synonyms: mid-cap
re-spawn -  "This means you start over after you're dead, like getting another life in a video game"
- Synonyms: re-spawns
shemagh -  "Think of this as an army scarf"